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NEW - The Team managers report is here.

NEW - Keep up to date on the progress and experience of our team at the 2015 World Championships here.


NEW - Details on the 2016 Masters can be found here.

NEW - The APA Championships entry form can be found here.

NEW - The APA International judge selection criteria can be found here.

NEWS - Outwardly, it may seem like things are a bit quiet within the APA at present but rest assured, there's a lot going on behind the scenes:

  • Creation of a new APA website using the latest version of Joomla. This is long overdue. The new site will be responsive which caters better for mobile phones and tablets etc.
  • We're working on a new APA logo.
  • International Judge selection - We're working on producing a means of certifying our Judges and this may also be rolled out to the states as an initiative to improve our Judging standards overall.

Information on our 2015 World Championships Team here.

Contest Directors report for the 2015 Masters here.

2015 Australian Masters pictures added to the gallery menu to the right of this page. Final results also added to the competition results menu to the right of this page. A report from the Kiwi Trans Tasman team is here.


The APA committee recently discussed the application of the relegation rules for the 2014 season.  Prior to the 2014 season, members were advised that the F3A relegation score was to be 385. Unfortunately the APA Competition Rules stated that the F3A retention score was the same as that required for Expert promotion. This is 355. This was not noticed and updated until late in 2014.

As such, the committee have decided that 355 will be the score used for relegation for 2014.

Note: This does not affect the relegations that occurred at the end of the 2013 season, which were correct according to the rules and schedules at the time. For 2015, the F3A retention score is 385.

IMPORTANT: Rules Clarification for Advanced, Expert & F3A (P-15 & F-15) here.


1. For electric powered models, the electric power circuit(s) must not be physically connected, before the competitor is instructed to start his 8- minutes flight time and must be physically disconnected right after landing.

This means simply that electric motors should not be connected to power until they are in the ready box and asked to do so by the line director.

2. The propulsion system(s) must automatically shut-off or fully idle at the moment a R/C signal failure should occur. (closed throttle in failsafe)

And, this means that all fliers using electric models must have their failsafe programmed to cut the throttle to zero (including idle) if there is a break in transmission or severe interference.
All electric models flown at APA sanctioned events must have an external means of connection and disconnection of power.

Last Updated on Thursday, 20 August 2015 21:23

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