Month: December 2018


Benefits of Kickboxing In The Sunshine Coast

Do you want to get the strength endurance gains associated with a long gym session? Then, kickboxing must not be an alternative for you. With kickboxing, you’re in a position of burning 800 calories within 60 minutes by using an array of different kicks and punches. Kickboxing is not only a great way of having fun moments, but it is also a fantastic way through which you can have intensive exercises. As a result, kickboxing comes with several benefits as discussed below:

Improvement of coordination, stamina, and agility

Physically, kickboxing is defined as the type of activity that burns plenty of calories in addition to creating an enjoyable environment. During the process, several punches and kicks are performed which play an essential role in increasing your balance and ensuring that a better posture gets developed. The numerous movements involved provides many benefits starting from an increase in flexibility to the growth of strength endurance. Through this, kickboxing will help you to combat the loss of agility that arises from ageing or due to inactivity. Also, the ability to respond quickly to the delivered instructions makes the participants improve their coordination and reflexes rapidly, which in turn leaves them feeling sharper than before.

Minimising stress and frustration

It is apparent that kickboxing comes with several physical benefits. Like the case of other exercises, kickboxing plays an essential role in releasing endorphins into the blood, and therefore, acting as the mood-booster and the de-stressing hormone. Also, the activity involving hitting a punch of bag is vital as it removes frustration that would have developed with time, which allows you to get reinvigorated and refreshed by the involved sessions.

Increases self-confidence and determination

It goes that any technique learned in a kickboxing class plays an essential role in boosting your confidence. All this is because you know that you will be in a position of defending yourself in case a situation arises. It allows you to train the correct self-defense techniques which you will apply to defend yourself in this situation. Self-discipline is one of the principles permeated by in kickboxing, and the participants acquire it throughout the sessions. Mostly, these classes are in a position of developing the individual’s determination and strength significantly.

Reinvigorates motivation to exercise

Exercise classes such as kickboxing is a great way of alleviating the common issue of ‘gym boredom.’ Kickboxing is primarily meant to allow you to have fun again and reinvigorate your motivation to exercise. Moreover, combining the two types of body and cardio functioning, you save a significant amount of time. This is because you don’t have to go to the gym, which requires much of your time.

Better posture

If you’re such an individual who always spends most of his/her time on the computer, kickboxing exercise will play a vital role in challenging several of your muscle groups which lack the required attention over the day. By doing this, you will start building up your core, which is essential to the body. The core muscles, situated around the abdominal wall are the primary target when you engage in kickboxing activities since you’re using the abs and waist for balance and carefully execution of the coordinated move.

Thus, kickboxing can be seen to be offering several benefits to our mind and body, which is a great option when we’re after getting out of the fitness rut.