RC Plane Competitions

Preparation for Remote Controlled Planes Competitions in Australia

Playing remote-controlled planes in your backyard may not be enough. Of course, you want to compare your ability to other enthusiasts and display how good you are with this hobby. The good news is there are a lot of competitions in Australia where you can advance this hobby to something more competitive. Participating in controlled planes competitions is worth to consider especially to those who want to show off how far they reached from playing remote-controlled planes.

Looking for remote controlled planes competitions in Australia

It is easier to be informed about any upcoming competitions if you are a member of one of the clubs dedicated to remote-controlled planes in Australia. It can be a competition within the club or national competitions where your club received an invitation.

In case you want to check out yourself, you can always search online through different search engines, like Google or go directly to websites that cater this type of hobby. Some also post announcements on different social media platforms, hence watch out for it.

Registrations can be done through your club organisers or online.

Preparation for remote controlled planes competition in Australia

Competitions for remote-controlled planes in Australia is huge. Hence you must be prepared to ensure that you bag an award. Below are few tips that can help you.

Condition your plane

Even how good you are controlling your plane, if it malfunctions in the middle of the competition, you will lose. Make sure that you check all the parts, batteries, transmitter, receiver, servos and the like. It is highly recommended that you invest in quality parts if you are joining competitions. Do not settle for ordinary as it may not serve you everything you need to compete.

Practice, practice, practice!

Just like any competitions you join, practice is the key to perfection. Practice exhibitions you plan to display during the competition. You should practice as many times as you can, remember the environment will play a huge role when flying remote-controlled planes. Try to practice on different surfaces, areas, and locations. This will make you more familiar with how to manoeuvre your aircraft in any situations.

Visit the site

Take time to drive on the site where the competition will happen. If it is possible to practice on site, then best if you do it. This can help you big time during the competition proper. Familiarising yourself with the area will be your best edge.

Know your competitors

Knowing how good your competitors are is ideal. This can give you an idea how far you should go to beat them. This can also be used as an inspiration during practice. Although you always should deal with this competition in a friendly manner, winning should always be your goal.

Be on time

On the competition day itself, it is necessary that you arrive a lot earlier than scheduled. Some organisers are very strict regarding time; some will disqualify participants few minutes they arrive late. Arriving early will also give you ample time to prepare and check your plane. This is also best to mingle with the people sharing the same interest with you.

Joining competitions is not only to compete but also for experience and advancing your knowledge in remote-controlled planes.