Cost of Remote Controlled Aeroplanes

Why Cost of Remote Controlled Aeroplanes Should Not Be Your Priority

There are many remote-controlled aeroplanes in Australia; they come from cheap to the most expensive you could think of. The prices vary as the materials used in the plane structure, functionalities, maximum range and the like, differ from one remote controlled aeroplane model to another. You also must consider the manufacturer, where it was made or where the controlled aeroplane originated.

The average price of remote-controlled aeroplanes in Australia ranges from $150 to $450 but can be cheaper or a lot more expensive depending on your requirements. You can always run on different e-commerce websites like Amazon, to check on prices. Filter your options from cheapest to most expensive, so the list of available remote-controlled aeroplanes you can get is sorted according to cost.

When you want to get more accurate costing, you may also want to look at prices of important accessories that are most of the time not included on remote-controlled aeroplane packages, spare battery, propellers, and servo inverters to name a few. If you only set your budget to the actual cost of remote-controlled aeroplanes, you will have no available money to buy other parts that you may need sooner.

If you are planning to buy a remote-controlled aeroplane, for simple hobby or competition purposes, prioritising the cost may not be too favourable.

You get what you pay for

Most of the time, if not all the time, if you buy cheap and try to cut cost a lot more than what you are supposed to, you will not get the satisfaction you are looking for. Of course, if it is cheap, the functionalities and capabilities of your device may be limited compared to more expensive ones.

This being the case, you may not get completely satisfied with what you get from playing.


If it is cheaper, the materials used may not be as durable and reliable than other expensive options. Expect that your plane may fall or hit on hard surfaces, whether you are new or tenured in this hobby, wrong calculations may occur and to add; this is most of the time played on open-air areas. Hence weather may contribute big time regarding manoeuvring.

Instead of saving money, which is your first reason why you decided to consider cheaper options, you may end up paying more in the long run since you need to replace parts earlier than when you are supposed to.

Never sacrifice quality over the price, this applies to everything you purchase. You should weigh things accordingly so you can maximise what you can get out of what you buy. Of course, you won’t buy immediately expensive remote-controlled aeroplanes because of the thought that if they are expensive, they are good buys that is not how it works. Price and quality should work hand in hand all the time.

If the aeroplane model you plan to purchase is not something your available money can afford, it is best recommended that you wait some time until you have enough money to buy it. Do not force yourself from buying anything that you are not ready to purchase yet nor get satisfied with what you can afford, be patient and save.