How to Get into Remote Controlled Aeroplanes

Step by Step Guide on How to Get into Remote Controlled Aeroplanes

Flying remote controlled aeroplanes is fun, especially in Australia where there are a lot of enthusiasts. Interest in flying remote controlled aeroplanes may start while you are in the mall and perhaps saw a show exhibiting the hobby or on your way home and passed by a field where remote-controlled aeroplanes enthusiasts and clubs are performing. However, you get into remote-controlled aeroplanes, it is necessary to start right and know the basics of playing the hobby.

Decide whether you want ready to use or building your own

You can choose options from either pre-built airplane models or aeroplanes that you need to assemble. Choosing Ready to Fly or RTF is a common choice for beginners since it includes everything from the batteries to controllers. Almost Ready to Fly options, on the other hand, requires you to buy all necessary electronics and assembly separately and lastly the Plug-n-Fly which needs you to buy receiver, transmitter, and battery separately.

You can also choose between remote-controlled aeroplanes operated through electric or gas. Choosing the aeroplane would make or break your interest in this hobby.

Choose the shop where to buy your remote-controlled aeroplanes

There are many shops online and retailer shops in Australia where you can buy different remote-controlled aeroplanes, choose a shop that is highly reputable in this kind of industry.

Build the aeroplane

Most, if not all remote-controlled aeroplanes need assembly, even Ready to Fly. Follow instructional guide included with your purchase.

Different aeroplanes have different instructions to follow regarding assembly, make sure that you follow exactly what is in the instructional guide on your purchase.

Pre-flight your aeroplane

At this time, it is highly encouraged that you seek assistance from an expert. Turn on both the transmitter and the aeroplane. Patiently check in the direction of your flight areas and surfaces.

This would give you better handling of your aeroplanes.

Check on the control stick

There are many conventions on different functions of the stick. Modes as they call it consists of primarily four modes, 1 to 4. Using the mode being used by an instructor or the mode commonly used by flyers within your area is highly recommended.

Perform a range check

While the antenna on your aeroplane transmitter collapsed, walk away for about 50 to 100 feet and measure as up to where your controller is responding without unwanted movements and chattering.

In time you will join competitions, knowing the range of what your aeroplanes can reach is necessary for qualifications purposes.

Check on the wind speed

Using a ribbon tied on the remote’s antenna, hold your controller parallel from the ground. Under 30 degrees is the perfect time to fly, if the ribbon is parallel from the ground, do not fly.

Take advantage of the time when you can practice flying.

Joining different remote-controlled aeroplane clubs in Australia is a good idea. This is where you can acquire more knowledge if you want to take this hobby to the next level. Check on directories or ask your friends if they know clubs they can refer.