How to fly remote control planes

It takes a lot of time and practice to fly a plane from the remote control properly. Once you have mastered the techniques, you will be flying high! The following steps will help you learn how to take control in your own hands.


• Understand how a remote control plan works. The aircraft is controlled by radio signals operating on a frequency that passes directly through the air from the transmitter (in the hands) to the receiver (in the plane).

• Learn how the control surface moves the plane. Elementary control surfaces are rudders, lifts and ailerons. The rudder makes the plane move to the right or to the left. The elevator controls where the nose of the plane is heading. When you press up, the plane goes up. When it is depressed, the nose plunges. When the level on the left, the plane flies level. Ailerons lie on the edge of each end of the wing. They help on the right and left directional turns.

• Decide how many channels you want your plane to have. The more chains on a plane, the more complex it is to fly. For example, a single-channel aircraft will allow you to control only the rudder, and a four-channel plan to control the engine, elevator, fins, and rudder.

• Decide which engine you want to try. There are pluggable electric motors and incandescent. Electric motors use only one battery and are cleaner and quieter than glow plug motors. Many beginner radio control, or R / C, drivers choose this engine. Glow plug engines are bigger and faster, but it will take a little extra work to make them work.

• Learn to fly using a radio controlled trainer plane, or buy flight simulator software. The C / C trainer R is very stable in the air due to a top wing structure. They also tend to stabilize on their own. The virtual software uses a model radio transmitter that plugs directly into your computer and allows you to practice flying in very realistic conditions.

• Get involved with an R / C club and learn from a flight instructor. Go to the website / C R Global Plane and click on their R / C plane club directory.

• Purchase an R / C airplane using the knowledge you have now. You can find them at DIY stores and online at: Red Rocket Recreation, or R / C discounts.

• Practice as much as you can on your own / C R plan using what you have learned from flight instructors and simulators. Do not be discouraged by an accident. It is very likely that this will happen. Just keep trying!

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