Review of Dart Boards for sale

Since the advent of the darts game, several variations have been used as dart boards. Dart boards are obviously one of the important components needed to play darts.

Sisal fibres are the materials used for most modern dartboards. However, different purposes to the game have also branched out to other forms of dartboard materials. These include plastic, cork, wood, and paper.


How dartboards started out


A piece of wood having irregular sections was the first design for the dartboard. Standardised scoring and accuracy tracking was provided by the irregular sections of the board.

The design of the archery board gave the inspiration for changing the design of the dartboards.

Dartboards of old were made from solid elm. Pub owners had to soak the elm dartboards to close the puncture holes left by the darts every night. This became such a time-consuming and messy chore that paved the way for alternative designs.

Contrary to common misconception, the alternative animal bristles to replace wood are a myth. While the gold standard of dartboard design may imitate horse or pig hair, animal bristles have never been used.

In today’s modern world, with all its environmental issues, animals have never been made part of dartboard design and process. Instead, the standard dartboard material used worldwide is fibres from the sisal plant.

Other materials used for dart boards


Fibres from the sisal plant

The plant known as Agave Sisalana produces stiff fibres that are highly durable. Tequila is another product made from the same plant. Sisal hemp is the common name for the fibre and its versatility has been used by different industries for the making of cloth, rope, paper, and dartboards. Its high availability and the low cost add to the allure of the plant. When it comes to dartboards, the coarseness and stiffness of the fibres provide the perfect foil for grip as well as durability.


Dartboards of low quality are made of cork. Cheap and lightweight, it quickly wears out which cannot withstand heavy play. Being strapped for cash could be the only reason people will choose dartboards made out of cork.


The electronic dartboard is a surprising design. Other than the plastic material used, there are advantages plastic dartboards have to offer. The numerous scoring variations used for different kinds of dart games are pre-programmed. However, there are a couple of disadvantages to consider with plastic dartboards, to include:

  • The design of the striking surface made of hundreds of holes also can make the darts bounce out
  • The dartboard only allows soft-tipped darts
  • Very pricey


One of the materials used for dart boards worldwide is wound paper. The board’s striking surface is made by putting together coiled paper sheets. In theory, dartboards made of wound paper are considered durable. It is also an inexpensive dart boards design and construction.

It is supposed to embed the thrown dart between the layers of paper. Unfortunately, the paper material used can tear and snag upon impact. This will, in turn, cause irreversible damage to the dart board.

Since would paper is not durable, using this kind of dart board for serious play is not recommended.

Choosing a dartboard means thinking about its manufacturing variables. Your performance can be significantly impacted by the hardness of the board. Find dart boards for sale that fit the requirements of your game and your budget.

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