Month: May 2018

Caring for your Athletic Teamwear

How to Care for your Teamwear Properly

Anyone with a good team wear will be proud to wear it always, especially during the games. If you keep on using your teamwear, you are most likely to wear it out. Hence, we’ve prepared a guide in caring for your custom-made team wear properly so that it’ll last for a longer time period.

Make sure that the jersey is turned upside down while washing

Washing inside out will make the colors of your beloved jersey fade. Hence, it is important to turn it upside down while you are washing. The friction of the washing machine or even the hands while washing the cloth will decrease the vibrancy of the cloth.

Wash the teamwear after using it

As much as you can, make sure that your jerseys are washed right after using it. If you let the sweat linger around the fabric for too long, it will cause the bacteria to breed in the fabric. It is better to deal with lesser bacteria when you are washing so that you can rest assured it’s thoroughly cleaned after you are done washing it.

Never use bleach on washing

When you are washing, refrain from using bleach. Although it can help you to rid of all the bacteria and sweat in the fabric, it can damage the material. Especially if your team wear has custom printed logos of your team or organization, the bleach can cause some damage and color fading.

Do not wash using high temperature

Contrary to the popular belief, washing under high temperature will damage your team wear. Make sure that you opt for a cooler temperature. The harsher you wash your jersey, the more damage it will cause. As what we’ve mentioned above, it can also cause the color to drain.

Do not mix white jerseys and colored jerseys

It’s a general rule of the thumb that when washing, you should separate white from the colored ones. If you mix them together, you will most likely come up with a pink jersey shirt afterward. Washing them separately will help you to maintain the colors of your jersey.

Avoid using fabric softener

If your team wear uses a Dri-Fit fabric, it is important that you refrain from using a fabric softener. The fabric softener can cause the fabric to lose its ability to suck the sweat from the body. Although your fabric will feel soft and smooth against your skin, you cannot rely on its sweat-absorbing technology anymore.

Instead, you can opt for mildly scented detergent when washing your jersey. You can always spray some perfume if you really want to smell good while playing.

When you take care of your teamwear properly will give you the assurance that it will last for an extended period of time. Follow the aforementioned tips above when it comes to taking care of your sports garments that will provide you with ease and comfort while you are playing basketball, netball, football, and among many other recreational sports!